Competition Rules

Competition Rules 2024


Click the button below to view and download the ACT Junior Rugby Union Rules of Competition.

In this document you’ll find all the information you need regarding the administration and conduct of games including: Eligibility of Players; Deferment of Matches; Number & Replacement of Players; Appointment & Attendance of Match Officials; Finals Eligibility & Format; Judicial Process and more.

The Rules of Competition are to be read in conjunction with the ACTJRU Constitution along with the World Rugby and Rugby Australia laws and policies for each age group and format of the game as listed below.

Girls Rugby

The ACTJRU’s girls’ rugby competition applies the ACTJRU Rules of Competition, except where a variation applies as set out in the ACTJRU Girls Rugby Rules of Competition via the button below.

This means the girls game is played in the same way as the boys competition for the U14, U16 and U18 age groups, as much as possible.

Laws of the Game

The latest ‘Laws of the Game’ which includes XVs, 7s, 10s, Under 19s,
Pathways and Touch 7s
Laws of the Game

Game Management Guidelines

View the latest ‘Game Management Guidelines’. This document is to ensure that all participants at the community level are aware of the areas of the game which require more specific coaching and/or consistent refereeing.

Kids Pathways

Pathway (U6-U12) Law Variations can be found here.

Laws of the Game

U19 Australian Law Variations (U13-U19)

Australian U19 Law Variations can be found here.

Rugby 7s Crossfield U10-U12 and Full Field Law U13-U19

Rugby 7s Game Modifications for junior rugby matches

Laws of the Game