Age Grade Dispensation

Whilst the starting policy position is that a player may play in the age group he/she is turning in the relevant calendar year and in the age group one year above, the Size for Age Guidelines and Age Grade Dispensation Procedure allow players to play in the most suitable competition.

The safety of all participants must be the primary consideration in all participation decisions, overriding all other considerations.

Rugby should be safe, inclusive and fair. Every effort must be made for Rugby participants with broadly compatible physical development in conjunction with ability and/or experience to play with and against each other.
Please follow these procedures for a player to be assessed:
  1. Please ensure the player is a financial member of your club/school
  2. Discuss option with your Team Manager and also the Club Registrar or School Official
  3. Club will make contact with the ACTJRU Secretary and Brumbies Senior Development Officer

Dispensation Policy & Procedures