Sponsor Announcement: Soward Management joins ACTJRU as Major Sponsor in 2024

May 14, 2024

ACT Junior Rugby Union welcomes Soward Management to the team as a Major Sponsor in 2024.

Soward Management was founded by CEO Patrice Soward, a proud Wiradjrui woman over a decade ago, to support her children to make their dreams become their reality.

Soward Management is a talent management company partnering with everyday people to manage their careers as they focus on working hard to make their dreams become their reality.
We understand that managing the business side of a successful career can be overwhelming, which is why we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you achieve your goal
and reach new heights.

At Soward Management we believe in giving back to our community and providing others with support to be able to experience the opportunities that come their way. We have provided
sponsorship to the Valley Dragons JRL Club for two rounds in 2023, we sponsored four young boys to attend state representative both rugby union and rugby league carnivals again in 2023,
and provided sponsorship for the Deadly Choices touch football team to represent the ACT also in 2023.

It is with great pleasure that we provide our sponsorship for ACT JRU in 2024 to give back to the community and help uplift our younger generation of athletes on their path to greatness.
Everyone’s a winner in our eyes and equality, hard work, respect and integrity are some of our values we uphold and do our best to always ensure we are leading by example.

To learn more about Soward Management, contact Patrice Soward, CEO & Founder via their website at www.sowardmanagement.com.